Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book of Mormon Reading Challenge

Here is a new Read the Book of Mormon Challenge coming up, starting April 7th (right after Conference).
The object is to read the Book of Mormon in the same amount of time as it took Joseph Smith to Translate it. . . ! Check out his stuff, and his cool Reading Schedule Bookmarks.
More from the creator of this challenge:
Hi! My name is Russ Simon. My "online personality" is Bro Simon Says (
On April 7, 2014 I will be starting a new round of The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge ( The challenge is to read the entire Book of Mormon in the same amount of time that it took Joseph Smith to translate it (April 7-June 30).
I have been doing the challenge myself each year, and inviting others to participate, since I found out how quickly Joseph finished the translation a few years ago. Last year I decided to begin a blog, FB page (, and a FB group ( to invite and encourage people to accept and complete the challenge.
It was a lot of fun and quite a few people tried it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 I feel inspired to write about our granddaughter Tess who is a student at BYU. She is majoring in archaeology and has had a boyfriend for the last two years. They were planning a wedding this summer in the new Gilbert Temple. We were all making plans to that end when they decided together that to be their “best selves” and to make the most of their opportunities here on earth they would both put in their mission papers. They want others to have some of the happiness they share.

Last week Tess left for the Mexico City Missionary Training Center to learn Spanish so she can be an effective teacher of gospel principles in the Los Angeles- Spanish speaking mission for 18 months. Her boyfriend is soon to leave for the Atlanta Georgia mission for 2 years. We are proud of the character they have shown and hope to one day join them in the beautiful Gilbert Temple for their wedding.

We went to Arizona for Tess’s farewell talk in sacrament meeting. She gave a humble, convincing reason for her desire to serve and then told of the plan of salvation in one of the best talks on the subject we have ever heard. She is so prepared in many ways to be an asset to the mission and those she has the opportunity to teach.

Having had three children serve missions we can attest to the fact that they come home better prepared for the ups and downs of life. What a better wife, mother and sister in the gospel she will be for the experiences she will have while serving the Lord in the mission field. We say godspeed Hermana Tess Rachel Mccormick. We love you and will pray for you every day.

By: Grandma Louise and Papa Bill

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Having Faith to Dance

Having Faith to Dance
My name is Amanda. I am fourteen and I am an Irish dancer along with my three little sisters, Leslie, Alison, and Olivia. I love to dance because I love the steps, the movement and rhythm, and I love the music. I also like how our costumes are always modest.
A few months ago my sisters and I went to a regional competition in Sacramento, California. I was competing in a solo competition, and I was really scared because I was going to be going up against girls who were world champions. I worked really hard in class and at practice so that I could do my best.
 I also prayed a lot so that I could be comforted and not feel so scared. The day of the competition I prayed to God and immediately I felt better and more relaxed, and was able to dance my best.
Even though I didn’t win, I danced well and remembered my steps and what I had practiced because I had faith that Heavenly Father would help me through it. I know that if you have faith in Heavenly Father you can do anything “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”   (Luke 1:37)